Southwest Pennsylvania Rails

Welcome to the Southwest Pennsylvania Rails page.

Southwestern Pennsylvania is a hotbed of rail activity. Two class 1s and many short line and regional railroads cross the area. There are many places where multiple railroads can be viewed from the same location. With the hills, valleys, rivers, creeks and streams, Southwestern Pennsylvania provides many scenic views in which to photograph trains.
For someone not familiar to the area, it can be tough to find a good location to watch rail activity. These pages will provide anyone with several good photo locations where you can watch trains and not worry about where to park. Because of the variety of railroads in the area, not all locations are covered, but as time permits, I will try to add more locations to these pages.

Click the MAP button to see a map of the area with marked locations that you can click on to see a sample photograph from the area. Click on the sample photo to go to the gallery of that area with photos and additional information about the area.

Since I am only human, there are bound to be mistakes on the following pages. I will be adding a message board where you can inform me of corrections, as well as suggestions of good train watching locations in Southwestern Pennsylvania
Below is a list of railroads that are covered in the following pages. The main radio frequencies for each railroad are also included.

Railroads Freqencies
Norfolk Southern ch1 - 160.800 ch2 - 161.070
CSX ch1 - 160.230 ch2 - 160.320
Wheeling & Lake Erie 161.025
Pittsburgh & Ohio Central Neville -160.59 Arden -160.215
Allegheny Valley Railroad 160.935
Union Railroad 161.500